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Australian/Italian Duo

Meet the dynamic duo of Ascendo, Liz & Dan, whose music transcends borders with seamless melodies in both English and Italian. Offering their acoustic duo for relaxed or intimate gatherings like cocktail receptions, Sunday sessions, or providing music for dancing at smaller events, and then transitioning seamlessly to ignite the celebration with lively dance music at weddings or other festive occasions!


Ascendo’s covers of songs weave a tapestry of emotions, captivating listeners across cultures. From heartfelt ballads to energetic anthems, their repertoire showcases their versatility and artistry. What sets Ascendo apart is their faithful renditions of classic songs, their contemporary approach to modern songs and Italian/English cultural fusion.


Liz’s rich vocals, influenced by her Australian/Italian heritage, bring a soulful and passionate touch to their performances. Dan is the soulful guitarist and harmonizing vocalist in this dynamic duo. His intricate guitar melodies weave seamlessly with Liz's captivating voice, creating a harmonious blend that mesmerizes audiences. Growing up immersed in the vibrant music cultures of their families, they both developed a passion for Italian music.

Together, Dan and Liz bring a unique synergy to their performances, infusing every song with passion and depth.


You can expect classic and modern pop, rock, funk, RnB and soul covers which they often perform as mashups.


With each song, Ascendo invite you on a journey through the landscapes of language and melody, proving that music knows no boundaries when talents unite. Get ready to be enchanted by their harmonious blend of English and Italian music, a testament to the universal language of love and art.

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Located in Sydney

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